Padme: I love you!
Anakin: LIAR! *sees Obi-Wan* You're with him! You brought him here to kill me!
~ Anakin Skywakler turns on his wife Padme in a fit of paranoid rage upon seeing Obi-Wan Kenobi and accuses her of betraying him
Share? SHARE?! What, you want to walk through some Portal happily holding hands and STAB me in the back later?!
~ The White Pumpkin, in response to Jesse's offer to share his/her enchanted flint and steel with her.
(Hogarth, disgusted: What are you talking about?) What am I talking about? What am I TALKING ABOUT?! I'm talking about your goldarn security, Hogarth! While you're snoozing in your little jammies, back in Washington we're wide awake and worried. Why? Because everyone wants what we have, Hogarth. EVERYONE! You think this metal man is fun, but who built it? The Russians? The Chinese? The Martians? Canadians? I DON'T CARE! All I know is, we didn't build it, and that's reason enough to assume the worst and blow it to Kingdom Come! Now, you are going to tell me about this thing, you are going to lead me to it, and we are going to destroy it before it destroys us! [his stomach gurgles]... Hold that thought and stay right there! [Rushes to the restroom]
~ Kent Mansley explaining to Hogarth why he deems the Iron Giant a threat
Paranoid Villains are very common antagonists who are fueled by a deep fear of being harmed or weakened by someone. This type of evildoer is very common in mythology, embodied in individuals like Cronus and Herod, who are willing to commit terrible atrocities to try and prevent what they see as an impending doom (they almost always fail).

Basically, a villain who lives in fear of being defeated by a particular hero, prophecy or, in some cases, even another villain and utilizes extreme methods to try and prevent their own doom (ironically often causing said doom) can be added to this category.

Most of these villains can be Pure Evil such as Emperor Palpatine, Lord Voldemort, Scar and Judge Claude Frollo.