We have to level the playing field, Mr. Wilson. To put it plainly...shouldn't we have a League of our own?
~ Lex Luthor plotting to create a team of supervillains.
Evil Organizations are groups made by a evil person or evil people who want to do something evil. There are various kinds of evil organizations; it can be a company who creates weapons in secrecy, an organization dedicated to crime, a fanatic cult devoted to a cause, or a bunch of villains united for a common goal. Because this category has an entity composed of more than a person, organization often overlaps with teams, hostile species and families. Occasionally Organization category overlaps with Partners in Crime as well.

To define organizations:

  • There must be hierarchy present or apparent within the group. The relationship between the two sides as superiors and subordinates must exist.
  • Groups should have leaders who are in charge of their groups, or play vital role to their groups. Without them organizations' existence may be in jeopardy and needs to be found of quick replacement. When the definition of 'leader' is not always clear, at least there should be important figures within groups who speaks for the whole members of the group.

This category has its own infobox.

Do not add organizations under Pure Evil because groups do not have a Moral Agency.