Why create, when it will only be destroyed? Why cling to life, knowing that you have to die?
~ Kefka Palazzo

A Nihilist is someone who believes that life has no purpose, value or meaning, their own included. Nihilists do not believe in the existence of any objective morality, and any rules/code they follow, if any, are superficial or only due to practical reasons. They usually do not have any specific long–term goal or purpose, will sink to any level of depravity to further their arbitrary objectives, and are often sociopathic and/or suicidal.

Many Nihilists wish to destroy everything in existence, or at least whatever it is possible for them to destroy. What makes them dangerous and unpredictable is that they have nothing to lose, not even their lives.

Because of their view of life as meaningless, Nihilists can often surpass into suicidal. In many cases, they also qualify as Pure Evil, largely because they do not see any value in morality and go out of their way to prove morality and decency to be meaningless by doing extremely depraved actions. They can also be Tragic due to a possible traumatic experience that made them view life as meaningless.

Perfect examples of Nihilists are Kefka Palazzo, Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, Owlman, and Joker.

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