It's a difficult thing, isn't it, taking a life? Feeling the weight and responsibility of all the years the person you've murdered has lived - moments that they've cherished, the dreams that they've struggled towards gone, because of you. I want you to know something. Something important that I've learned: that it gets easier the more you do it.
~ Wilson Fisk about the act of murder.
Villains who have committed the crime of homicide. Unlike Serial Killers, these Murderers and Killers don't necessarily have to kill more than once, though many do, although sometimes one victim can be an even bigger crime or loss in the story than multiple deaths if the victim was a beloved character.

Variations includes:

  • God Killers: Villains who have literally committed "deicide"; that is to say, in some capacity, they have killed some form of deity (god) for a anarchist goal or to usurp his position.
  • Child Killers/Child Murderers: Villains who have murdered people who are 12 years old or younger (including infanticide, which is the murder of babies) is one of the worst possible things one can do, for it also goes against the very concepts of what we see as basic humanity (even if the murderer is a child too, or if the child was a villain themselves since villains who are children are much easier to rehabilitate). For this reason, villains who are portrayed as willing murderers of children are reviled far more than those who kill teenagers and adults; in the past, the killing of children was an extremely taboo and unmentionable subject matter in fiction, though it has become more common (though no less controversial).
  • Animal Killers: Villains who have killed animals. This is usually considered a highly unpleasant and vile act of evil, as most animals have less chance of defending themselves against danger. Though this only applies if the animals are anthropomorphic or at least sentient.
  • Mass Murderers: Villains who have killed at least four or more people, usually at the same time.

NOTE: Villains who have attempted murder and failed are not to be counted for. Please save that for Abusers and Homicidal.

NOTE: If a villain qualifies as a serial killer, they do not need to also be categorized as a murderer.

See also

  • Homicidal for murderers with more extreme case.


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