I'm from a much higher place than you and I've seen the truth of this world, this universe and all the things in it. I noticed the results and decided that human beings should be destroyed. Humans are the one and only failed creation of the Gods. In order to make this world, the universe a beautiful paradise, I want to annihilate the humans on Gods' behalf, who won't admit their failure.
~ Goku Black's plans for humanity.

Villains that have a serious hatred for humanity or the nearest equivalent in their respective setting, and may even be genocidal in that regard. Misanthropy can lead villains to committing terrible crimes as they no longer have compassion towards their fellow man (in fact, such villains often despise their fellow man).

Many human villains themselves (such as primate humans, cavemen, or modern-day humans) may also be misanthropic or self-hating humans, as they view their species as mentally stupid, inferior, irredeemably flawed, or worthless. This could also include undead humans (ghosts, zombies, vampires, etc.) that are disdainful for the living.

Many non-human villains (such as aliens, robots, animals, plants, humanoids, monsters, etc) may also be misanthropic, as they view humans as mentally stupid, inferior, irredeemably flawed, worthless, or even oppressive. However, it should be noted that not all non-human villains are necessarily misanthropic.

Good examples of misanthropes are Ultron, Godzilla, The Joker, Shere Khan, Megatron, Bela, and Cthulhu.

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