Man's world is filled with greed, deception and cruelty. But I am gonna change all that. From now, we women take control!
~ Aresia's xenophobic prejudgement against men.

Soon this world will be a better place... filled with nothing but girls!
~ Madame Margaret

The extremist and villainous variation of Feminists, Misandrists are male-hating villains, much like Misogynists are female-hating. Although definitely not as common, they do exist and are often violent feminists or "Amazon" types. The hatred of males can take many forms, ranging from similar sexism as chauvinism to outright murder and even, in extreme scenarios, attempted genocide.

Good examples of Misandrists are DesireeMiku IzayoiPoison Ivy, The Cook County Jail Inmates and Wonder Woman. However, Mr. Wongburger is a male who is also a Misandrist who steals male organs for his plot.