It was then that I made the discovery that was to change my life for a second time, viz., that the criminal underclass - the thieves, burglars, counterfeiters and con-men who were the plague of London - were all unremittingly stupid. I thought I would be afraid of them. As things turned out, I would have felt more anxiety walking through a field of sheep. I saw that once that what they lacked, crucially, was organisation and that, as a mathematician, I was ideally suited to the task. If I could bring the same discipline to their nefarious activities as I could to binomial coefficients, I would create a force that could take on the world. I will confess that, although it was the intellectual challenge that first interested me, I was already thinking of personal profit for I was growing tired of living hand-to-mouth.
~ James Moriarty, on becoming the greatest criminal mastermind of all time

Masterminds are considered geniuses among geniuses; in other words, they are among the most intelligent beings in existence and are characterized by a personality in which they will plan things to amazing lengths and always have a backup plan.

A Mastermind is rarely caught off-guard and will always have a Plan B, C, or D to fall back on should his or her original plan be foiled. The only way a Mastermind can be defeated is if the hero finds a way to exploit their arrogance, if they are of similar intelligence, or by a huge stroke of luck.

Examples of Masterminds include Lex Luthor, Norman Osborn, John Doe, Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik, Auric Goldfinger, and Professor Moriarty.


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