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Frodo: But you swore… you swore on the precious! Smeagol promised!
Gollum: Smeagol lied.
~ Gollum ambushing Sam and Frodo on top of Mount Doom where he admits he lied to them.
Isn't it ironic? No one, not even the Dowager Empress believed you were the princess, and I got them all to believe I was the real prince!
~ Prince Paul

Liars are characters that are known for continually making falsehoods or breaking their words, whether it is for personal gain or a bad habit - lying in itself is not necessarily a tool of evil, but characters that continually lie do end up becoming very disliked and hard to trust: many negative personalities also have lying as a prominent feature, such as sociopathy and psychopathy (which are often confused for each other).

NOTE: Do not create articles on characters that simply lie without doing any other wrongdoings though, this should be a secondary trait rather than a primary one.


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