What this...? Crumbs on his jacketses - he took it! He took it! I seen him: he always stuffing his face when Master's not looking!
~ Gollum, accusing Samwise Gamgee of stealing the rest of the lembas bread (when had had in fact taken it).

Incriminators, or Framers, are villains who commit a crime and then frame someone for it. They plan their framing carefully and have the evidence falsified. Some frame the heroes by disguising themselves as them or they are an Evil Twin/Clone. Sometimes, there is not even a crime at all and the Incriminator lies just so the Hero gets in trouble. Likely, the villains delight in using pawns to get information so they will be discovered as frauds for betraying some of the protagonists.

Famous Framers are Scar (who killed Mufasa and framed Simba for it), Makuta Teridax (who framed the Toa Metru for Lhikan's "death") and Dr. Charles Nichols (who framed Richard Kimble in the film The Fugitive).


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