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I shall not be defeated! If you defeat me, I will simply return, again and again! I am immortal! I cannot be vanquished!
~ Erazor Djinn

Villains that are impossible to kill (at least in conventional ways), which is referred as "complete immortality". While in other cases it simply means they have an infinite unnatural life span but can die if killed through trauma, which is referred to as "biological immortality". Sometimes, they achieve their immortality through special magical items that, if destroyed, will kill them or leave them vulnerable to death, such as Davy Jones' Heart, Lord Voldemort's Horcruxes, or Kel'Thuzad's Phylactery. Characters like Sigma can simply comeback an infinite number of times regarding if his cognitive circuits aren't completely destroyed.

There are 3 level of their immortality:

  • Semi-Immortality: Villain's immortality in this level cannot age, thus cannot die via senescence. But they still vulnerable to mortal wounds, diseases, and foreign substances. Mental damage may still occur as well. They gain/possess this immortality via accelerated healing or result of consumption of elixir of life or similar substance with similar effect. Perfect example of this is Spongebob SquarePants.
  • Immortality: In this level, villains cannot age once reaching a certain point. They are immune to diseases, toxins and drugs. Wounds, even crippling or fatal ones, heal near instantly. How villains possessed this level of immortality are:
    • Time-manipulating powers, which enable villains to regenenerate by rejuvenate/decelerate aging of their body cells.
    • Biological immortality, advanced version of semi immortality where they biologically immortal, but their mind or soul may remain mortal.
    • Magical abilities/objects that bestow immortality, like phylacteries. These abilities/objects enables villains to became immortal, though in some case, they remain ailve even if their body "dies" due to being aged and reduced into bones. If these abilities/objects are undone/destroyed, this will kill them instantly or rendering them mortal once again.

Perfect example of these are: Davy Jones, whom heart enable him immortal, Lord Voldemort whom immortal due to his Horcruxes , and Kel'Thuzad that immortal due to placed his soul onto phylactery.

  • Absolute Immortality: At this level, villains cannot age, immune to all diseases, toxins and drugs. All wounds and injuries that inflicted upon them heal instantly. Their immortality applies to body, mind and soul, rendering the user truly "absolute". Their powers are absolute as well, so it cannot be removed, nor can the user's existence from timelines.

This can sometimes be an element to a Tragic Villains, as they cannot hold on to love ones (sometimes causing them to become bitter and angry).

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