I find it ironic that someone who despises Digimon as much as you has decided to fuse himself with one to get what he wants.
~ Thomas H. Norstein berating Kurata for his hypocrisy.
You'd all still be living your miserable lives thinking you're "better" than everypony else if it weren't for my magical abilities! I brought you friendship! I brought you equality! I created harmony!
~ Starlight Glimmer bragging about her capabilities to the ponies she "equalized".

A Hypocrite is someone who imposes a standard on others and punishes them for violating it, yet also does the very same things they claim to be against and punish others for doing, as if they are exempt from their own rules.

Sometimes hypocrites are merely hostile individuals who falsely claim to have moral superiority over the people they antagonize, but the worst kind of hypocrites, by far, are tyrannical, absolutely corrupt dictators who persecute their own people, sometimes falsely, for various things while secretly being guilty of similar and/or worse crimes and blatantly denying the fact.

Hypocrites are almost always liars and arrogant individuals, as they feel that they have the right to impose their will on others whilst thinking they are above such a scheme. Many such villains are often too delusional in their sense of righteousness or entitlement to realize or understand the irony of their positions. 

Basically, a hypocrite is a villain who pretends to have feelings or beliefs that they do not really have and are lying to everyone around them and, more often than not, themselves. Good examples are Amanda Young from Saw and Beverly Sutphin from Serial Mom.

IMPORTANT: Not to be confused with insecure villains, who tell lies to themselves and others in an attempt to hide their flaws, and are therefore not truly evil. This is specifically for villains who pretend to have beliefs that they don't really have simply because they believe they are above other people, though the two can overlap.


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