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Villains who are not humans but have a similar appearance to them. They may have been born like this or they might have shape-shifted into a human-like form and are known for this form, even if their true form is revealed.

Note: Do NOT add villains that have originated as humans but become something inhuman (either thought shape shifting or lycanthropy, etc). This category is solely for villains that are inherently not human but have physical human features.

Types of Humanoids

  • Winged Humanoids: Humanoid villains whom possessed wings which enable them to take flight.
  • Humanoid Abominations: Humanoid villains with otherworldy characteristics which made their appearance was too much for anyone to comprehend them (in other words, their appearance alone can induce madness).


To qualify a character should display the following traits:

  • Bipedal structure (walks on two legs (may also be "knuckle-dragging" like great apes or vary between walking on two legs to a more feral "four legged" position (as is the case with werewolves) )
  • Roughly human anatomy (head, torso, arms and legs)


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