When a fellow human being is suffering, why wouldn't we want to lend a hand? Empathy. It's the only thing that separates us from the beasts.
~ General Jonathan Krantz, explaining why he chose to provide advanced medical treatment to Michael Scofield for his brain tumor.
'Cause sometimes, it's good to be human
~ Simon Adebisi in Oz episode Animal Farm, telling Kenny Wangler not to steal Bob Rebadow's money that he collected to send his sick grandson to Disneyland.
For the honor of the De Killer name, even if it takes an eternity...I would follow that person to the ends of the earth to exact my punishment.
~ Shelly de Killer explaining what he would do if someone betrayed him
You mean that's not just some crazy disguise?? I've been working with a real Nazi?!? That mask may be cutting off the oxygen to your brain. I may be a criminal lunatic, but i'm an American criminal lunatic! Keep back, boys! This creep is mine!
~ The Joker (in a rare moment of honor) turning on Red Skull after realizing that he is a real Nazi
The very opposite of a Cheater, this is a villain who (while they fight on the side of evil) still has honorable traits. As such, they usually treat their foes and followers with respect and demonstrate some extent of mercy or fair play. They never resort cheating to win, they may avoid fighting people that are weaker, they may suppress their own power, and they may keep their end of a bargain that they promise to keep if they lose or if the hero does something they ask. Numerous times, these traits often result in the Villain Turning To The Good Side. Many Honorable Villains have a common theme of finding a "worthy opponent" and thus want the hero they fight to be strong or get stronger.

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