Misery? What misery? I love killing people! Squishing them till their organs squirt out like chunky mustard!
~ Project Satan

Villains who are willing to commit murder and have done so at least once, or attempted to do so; the act must be deliberate and not in self-defense or during war-time situations.

Be they hitmen or thrill-killers, these characters all share one common trait: the willingness to kill in cold blood, making them very dangerous and cruel, even in a realm of criminals and wrong-doers.

This category also applies to villains who merely threaten to kill someone if that person does not carry out the wishes, but don't once that person complies.

By default, the following villains go into this category:

  • Murderers: villains who have killed one or two individual(s).
  • Serial Killers: the step above Murderers; is for villains who have killed at least several people, usually with "cooling off" periods between each murders. Also qualify terrorists who commit mass murders.
  • Genocidal: the step above Serial Killers; is for villains who seek to exterminate (or have successfully doing so) a whole race or community.
  • Cataclysm: the step above Genocidal; is for villains who wish to end their universe(s), and in consequence ending all life. Probably the worst kind of Homicidal villains, along the Omnicidal (see below).

Notable variations include:

  • Omnicidals: Villains whose main goal is to eradicate life. Not content with simple genocide, the Omnicidal Maniac seeks to eradicate absolutely everyone in his or her world or universe. Although often the case, not all Omnicidal Maniacs are actually insane; some are simply malevolent beyond words or are a corrupt AI or similar entity. This type of villain is one of the extreme variants of Homicidal. An example is Kefka Palazzo who wishes to destroy the multiverse.
  • Attempted Murderers: Villains who have admitted to, or been charged with, the crime of attempted murder, but have never actually succeeded. They may plan to kill someone and be thwarted, or go on homicidal rampages, but miserably fail and only injure people. Usually, those kind of villains are used for comic purposes. However, they can be just as dangerous as regular murderers, but simply incompetent.


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