You know, Ashley, not all of us earn our living by milking rich geriatrics out of their money. Some of us have to work for a living.
~ Peter Sanderson to his xenophobic and greedy sister-in-law Ashley.

Golddiggers are villains who are in (or long to be) romantic relationships solely for their partner's fortune. A good examples is Lady Tremaine, who wanted one of her daughters to marry Prince Charming just for his wealth.

Some plot to kill their rich husbands, wives and, sometimes, stepchildren for their inheritance; some, like Debbie Jellinsky (with exception of Fester Addams) succeed while others fail.

Instead of being the Independent women and men like some of them once were, they chose to live off of their wealthy partner's money and try to take it all for themselves in either in court or by murdering their spouses.

Another variant of the Golddigger is Billy Flynn from Chicago who did not care about his clients and only helped them so he could become wealthy off the back of every trial he turned into media circuses.

Golddiggers can also be villains who want an inheritance from their parents or someone else close to them. For example, Edgar Balthazar kidnaps Duchess and her kittens when he learns that Madame plans to leave her fortune to them instead of him.