Dear, rich Dora Standpipe! How I love her!...Father's money.
~ Dan Backslide on why he "loves" Dora Standpipe.

Golddiggers are villains who are or long to be in relationships (often romantic ones) solely to profit off of others. They are thus driven by greed and/or a lust for power above all else, to the point where they may attempt to betray or even murder their partner, spouse and/or their other family members in order to make even more profit.

The golddigger archetype is also filled by those who use others around them simply to make money, like Billy Flynn, who profits from his clients by turning their trials into media circuses, or by those who desire to acquire an inheritance from somebody close to them, like Edgar Balthazar, who tries to get Duchess and her kittens out of the way in order to be the sole heir to Madame's fortune.

Good examples of golddiggers include Barkis Bittern (who frequently married and subsequently murdered women in order to absorb their wealth), Lady Tremaine (who tried to push one of her daughters into marrying Prince Charming for his fortune and power), and Prince Hans (who plotted to marry Anna and later murder her and Elsa to become king of Arendelle).