I'm huge! Even scarier up close, huh?
~ Bowser after being transformed to giant size
In fiction and folklore, a Giant is a humanoid of exception size and strength, often symbolic of natural disaster or great challenges. They are often confused with the Ogre.

Just like the Dwarf category, this should only be used for actual Giants (humanoids over 10ft in height) and not just for large individuals or beasts.

To qualify as a Giant, a character must display significant humanoid features while not being entirely monstrous (thus being more "human" than "monster"); if their monstrous features greatly outweigh their "human" features, they should be included in the "Ogre" category.

Do not add Giant and Ogre into the same article as they are distinct mythological beings (also, in the strictest sense, a Giant is often significantly larger than an Ogre).


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