All the power in the universe, and I am bound by the rules of the GENIE! Which means... I can't kill that upstart Aladdin! Unless, I have someone "arrange" it for me.
~ Jafar expressing his frustration of being an evil Genie.

A Genie is a wish-granting spirit or demon of near-omnipotent might (though below the ranks of deities or angels) - these beings can be good, neutral or malevolent but share a common trait of granting people wishes, often at a high price.. malevolent genies tend to twist wishes to do harm to their victims, neutral genies can harm victims with "literal" examples of a wish and even benevolent genies could cause harm if a wish was reckless or greedy.

The term can also be used for exceptionally powerful sorcerers, supernatural entities (such as faires or elves) and even reality-warping mutants / meta-humans that can achieve sufficient feats of power to grant wishes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: do not include deities or angels to this category as they are higher in scale than Genies, even the mightiest wish-granting entity is not on the same power-level as a deity or celestial-entity.