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Guards! Throw these miniscule vermin into the dungeon until they are of worthier size!
~ King Goobot
Just in time, Larry. We were just locking up.
~ Cecil Fredericks to Larry Daley when he imprisons him in the museum.

Gaolers (also called Wardens or Jailers) are known for keeping prisoners in check, but villains who are gaolers are those who are feared for, or are known to, imprison their captives, whether it is in a jail cell, a cage, etc. One example is Principal Agatha Trunchbull who locks misbehaving students in the dreaded Chokey; another is Lots-O' Huggin' Bear who traps Andy's toys in Sunnyside Daycare after turning it into a toy prison. Some gaolers can be prisons themselves, like the Black Mouth.


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