It's I alone whom you can trust in this whole city. I am your only friend.
~ Judge Claude Frollo to Quasimodo
Do not mistake my generosity for generosity.
~ Whiterose

Faux Affably Evil is a term referring to villains who, at a glance, are similar to those who are the Affably Evil type, but with a lack of sincerity to their affable and sympathetic nature. Such villains are rarely, if ever wrathful or patronizing in front of the heroes, but they do not actually show any empathy towards others; as such, they are sounding polite but not acting it which causes their villainy to stand out more rather than less.

In some works, Faux Affable villains break the Fourth Wall and reveal their true nature to the audience, while pretending to be nice in front of the protagonists. Arrogant villains who give a sarcastic apology to their foes also fall under this category. However, the characters of the story and audience alike might not be aware of the Faux Affable's true colors until they reveal them.

Despite their lack of sincerity, some of these villains can actually be remorseful due to the fact that sometimes the hero can reach them in heart (usually done with Pure Goods). They also can be either insecure, redeemable or both; Marina Arusu is a good example.

On the other hand, many of them are at least outright villains if not Pure Evil, since they can use "flattery" and "elegant" demeanor to get whatever they want and achieve their goals; Emperor Palpatine is a very famous example of this.


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