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Ah, I remember you now. Yes, indeed, I met you a long time ago, didn't I? Your name's Allen Walker, isn't it? Aren't you the little brat who wanted me to bring his dead daddy back to life?
~ The Millennium Earl giving Allen Walker a falsely friendly greeting
Faux Affably Evil is a term referring to villains who at a glance are similar to those who are the Affably Evil type, but with a lack of sincereity to their affable nature. Such villains do not actually show any empathy towards others and as such their sounding polite but not acting it simply causes their villainy to stand out MORE rather than less.

Some of these villains can actually be remorseful villains due to the fact that some times the hero can reach them in heart (usually done with Pure of Hearts); they also can be either insecure or redeemable (strangely, but mostly); Marina Arusu is a good example.

On the other hand, some of them can be Complete Monsters, since they can use "flattery" and "elegant" demeanors to get others to do whatever they want; Emperor Palpatine is a famous example of this.


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