You have failed me for the last time, Admiral!
~ Darth Vader punishing Admiral Ozzel for his incompetence by choking him to death with the Force.
No. Enoch has failed me one time too many. From now on, I will personanlly deal with the Tennysons.
~ ForeverKing Driscoll about Enoch's numerous failures, tellling a knight not to get him out of the dream machine, and decides to deal with the Tennysons himself.
Vypra, you have failed me too many times! As punishment, I will take your life energy! I should have done this long ago
~ Queen Bansheera to Vypra.
Don't fail me again or else! Or do you like to find out what or else means?
~ Giovanni threatening Jessie, James, and Meowth not to fail again
A common type of villain who has little-to-no tolerance for failure whatsoever, and thus often acts in rage, killing or violently abusing their minions for failing to carry out their orders. Such villains also tend to warn their minions of the penalty if they fail them, which is most likely said punishment. Often goes hand-in-hand with cruel and oppressive tyrants.

However, some of these villains can have a redeeming feature if they see one of their minions do something so evil, they see it as a failure. For example, when Garrosh Hellscream learned Overlord Krom'gar destroyed the Thal'Darah Grove, he killed Krom'gar for failure to secure the land and instead laying waste to it and slaughtering innocent people.

Since these villains generally don't accept defeat, similar to Cowards, should they die, it is often in disgrace and, unlike the cowards, it is uncommon for them to die with honor.


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