Whoever wins... we lose.
~ tagline for Alien vs. Predator
This category refers to morally-dubious characters whose main enemies are themselves villains. Many extremely dark works, such as Warhammer 40,000, base their main conflicts around this principle, and nearly all Protagonists are portrayed mainly fighting individuals who are either similar to or clearly even worse than they are. Not every villain who has ever fought another villain should go here.

Villains only belong if this applies to most or all of their activities and is a significant aspect of their character and if they are seen as "Heroes" in their setting due to the extreme levels of wickedness committed by their enemies. Good examples of this include VegetaMr. Krabs (more specifically from the post-season after the movie), Kratos, Dexter Morgan, Dan and Travis Touchdown. Void 4 is an example, since he is a noble demon bent on destroying Black Hole and tyrants. Maleficent and King Stefan fit this trope for most of Maleficent, as both are villains who are fighting against each other. Alejandro and Heather from the third season of Total Drama both have a rivalry fight during their time in the competition.

NOTE: Sometimes after an Evil Vs. Evil battle has ended, after a not-so-evil villain has defeated the real evil and possibly redeem themselves, they may turn to the good side.

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