Where'd they dig you up?
~ Charlie Hesketh mocking Eggsy Unwin.

Villains who believe in the superiority of those with a higher social status and greater amount of wealth. The idea itself is not necessarily villainous (though it is not terribly noble either), but there are nevertheless many villains throughout fiction with that worldview, usually shown as enemies of heroes who come from poor or middle-class backgrounds. Many of these villains tend to be obsessed with the manners, wealth, and clothes of others.

Elitists are often of the Lawful or Neutral Evil alignment, since they deeply value their status within a society and use it to look down on others, at its most extreme it can manifest such cruel behavior as support of slavery, the suppression of the poor or socially awkward, active bullying / shunning of "outsiders" and even the outright torture or murder of those deemed socially "unappealing" (though this would ultimately cross them into becoming a Genocidal character)

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