You told your father everything. Put this entire plan in jeopardy. Good thing for you the old man could keep his mouth shut better than you. Oh, come on. Don't look so shocked. We had to monitor everybody who knew. How do you think we kept it a secret for so long?
~ Carl Anheuser
Look at who you're talking to, boy. I'm hosting a party for the most powerful people in the world. Do you think they'd come here if they had to rub elbows with your kind? Enjoy the Party! It's the last time you and you're kind will ever come.
~ Preston Northwest to Dipper Pines
There's a reason that people like you are kept down by the rich. That's what's better for America.
~ John Bradshaw Layfield mocking John Cena.

Villains who believe in the superiority of those with a higher social status and greater amount of wealth. The idea itself is never necessarily villainous (though it is not terribly noble either), but there are nevertheless many villains throughout fiction with that worldview, usually shown as enemies of heroes who come from poor or middle-class backgrounds. Many of these villains tend to be obsessed with the manners, wealth, and clothes of others.