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~ Cho'gall
What good is one element... when I have all the rest!?
~ Master Chen during his fight with Lloyd Garmadon

Elemental Villains, also called Elementals, are villains who can either command the elements of nature, are formed of said elements (such as the Titans), or are empowered by them.

The types of elemental villains include:

  • Aerokinetic Villains, like Al'Akir, have the ability to control the element of wind and air. Some can also become one with the air, and some can use speed to manipulate the wind around them. Some may also have the ability to manipulate the weather as well.
  • Aquakinetic Villains/Hydrokinetic Villains, like Chaos, MetalSeadramon and Lapis Lazuli, use the element of water as a weapon. They have the power to generate and/or manipulate water, and some have the ability to become water.
    • Some Aquakinetic Villains, if not all, can be classified as Cryokinetic Villains (like the classic Snow Queen) who can use ice and/or snow-based powers, since both are frozen water, and some aquakinetic villains can additionally manipulate and freeze water, turning it into ice.
  • Benzinikinetic Villains, like Caesar Clown, utilize gas or are/can morph into a large mass of shapeless gas, sometimes poisonous. This overlaps with Toxikinetic Villains, due to gas being used as a form of poison.
  • Bibliokinetic Villains, like Lord Voldemort's memory within his diary, are villains with the power to manipulate books, manuscript pages, and text paper. They can be like invisible hands that change the words on the paper.
  • Bio-Manipulators or Biokinetic Villains, like Mitochondria Eve, can shape and manipulate their bodies in ways that, while impossible, are not necessarily shape-shifting (though it can overlap); for example, they may be able to use their hair, skin, fat, muscles, blood, or bones as weapons and/or defenses. Examples would be Blob from X-Men (whose fat can absorb almost any impact), Sedusa from The PowerPuff Girls (who can manipulate her hair) and Marrow (who can utilize her bones as weapons). Often Bio-Manipulators have a host of related powers such as density manipulation, self-regeneration, elasticity, limited shape-shifting, and so on, but some are simply able to utilize a portion of their body in ways that are impossible or extremely difficult in the real world (the most common examples are characters who can use certain bodily aspects such as fat or muscle to absorb or avoid attacks that would wound and/or even kill most other beings, and can even overlap into the category of Villains with Accelerated Healing).
    • Hemokinetic Villains or Blood Magicians, like Melisandre and Solomon Kent, are skilled in blood magic and can manipulate blood. In their hands, blood can be boiled, burned, frozen, and/or used as raw materials to make blood creatures or function as healing medicines.
    • Mimetic Villains, also known as Masters of Disguise, Copycats, or Imposters, are those who mimic others in a certain way; this can overlap with an Evil Twin/Clone, Evil Creation, or Incriminators.
    • Villains with Accelerated Healing, such as Marvel Comics' Deadpool, as mentioned above, can overlap with the separate category of Biokinetic Villains.
  • Chronokinetic Villains like Kurumi Tokisaki, Timekeeper and Tick Tock are evildoers who are able to manipulate the flow of time, which includes stopping time, slowing it down, rewinding it and travelling through time (some users can even see the future). This allows the villain to have the upper hand against the hero, as they can stop time to predict and/or dodge an attack, or even rewind time to get a second chance.
  • Crystallokinetic Villains like Rex Shard are villains with the power to manipulate and generate jewels and/or crystalline material; this overlaps with Geokinetic Villains, Hyalokinetic Villains, Psammokinetic Villains, Cryokinetic Villains, and to a lesser extent, Aquakinetic Villains.
  • Dimensiokinetic Villains like Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth and Diagon from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien are evildoers with the power to manipulate dimensions, even opening portals from one dimension to another as a way of gathering minions, which would make them Summoners, or to banish the heroes.
  • Electrokinetic Villains like Electro are the villains that use electricity as a weapon. They may have the powers to generate and/or manipulate electricity, and some have the ability to become electricity. Not necessarily to be confused with Energy Beings, as some villains with electrokinesis may only have the ability to conduct electricity.
  • Ergokinetic Villains like Girl Meme and Shadow the Hedgehog are villains who have the power to generate and manipulate different types of energy; also not to be confused as Energy Beings, although they can occasionally overlap.
  • Evil Light, or Photokinetic Villains like every member of the Radiant Church have power to control the light color spectrum. Sometimes the forces of darkness are not the only ones that are evil. Sometimes, the antagonists tap into the so called "light element." These villains have light-based and holy powers ranging from divine magic weapons, burning light beams, photokinesis, divine wrath, or the power of the sun. They can come in many forms, though most authors prefer to use them to represent these particular themes: either divine crusaders of light gone horribly wrong, or a villain who's theme or appearance invokes light, or a villain who is surrounded by a radiant glow of light and they are the exact opposite of Good Darkness, as a result, the protagonists of stories with light themed villains usually have powers of darkness and have darkness themes.
  • Ferrokinetic Villains like Magneto are villains that manipulate and control metal. Mostly those that are gifted with such power. Not to be confused with Robots that are mostly metal, and villains who are Mechanically Modified or Bio-Engineered may not count, unless they can liquify or manipulate their body into or manipulate other pieces of metal, and they may count as an Elemental if they control a different element entirely. Some ferrokinetics may also count as Electrokinetic Villains as well. Those with ferrokinesis and electrokinesis can also have the ability of electromagnetism.
  • Geokinetic Villains like Gaea are the villains who have the power to control the earth (rock, sand and ground, not the actual planet called Earth) and/or cause earthquakes. This overlaps with Crystallokinetic, Hyalokinetic, Chlorokinetic, and Psammokinetic Villains.
  • Gyrokinetic Villains like Gravimon are villains who can manipulate and control gravity, whether it be the gravity of objects or people, or literally defying gravity.
  • Hyalokinetic Villains like Sandman are those with the ability to manipulate glass, and can overlap with Geokinetic, Psammokinetic and Crystallokinetic Villains.
  • Laser-Users are villains who can use laser beams for attacks, generating them through variable means or from a weapon they have.
  • Multipliers like the Ancient Enemy are evildoers with the ability to instantly create multiple clones, copies and/or duplicates of themselves or others around them. This might be done through illusions or magic, or may even be an actual superpower.
  • Naturakinetic Villains are those who can control or manipulate the elemental powers pertaining to nature, which is also referred to as Life Powers, Nature Manipulation or Nature Control. This includes two subtypes:
    • Chlorokinetic Villains, or Vegetation Villains like Poison Ivy and/or Audrey II are villains (even the ones who are in the physical form of plants or are plant-like creatures) who can control plant life for evil purposes, from making homemade natural poisons to kill the heroes with to feeding the heroes to vegetated carnivores.
    • Zoopaths like Hawk Moth are villains who can speak with animals and/or even control their minds.
    • This category can overlap with villains who are considered a Force of Nature, as they may represent the wrath of nature itself.
  • Necromancers, or Death Gods are evildoers who can raise, control, or even communicate with the dead and deceased or their spirits; this can extend to and overlap with the category of a Collector of Souls, as some villains with death-based powers can and will also collect the souls and/or spirits of those who have died.
  • Nightmare Masters, Dream Masters, Somnipaths, or simply Oneirokinetic Villains like Freddy Krueger are villains with power over dreams, either to create them and send them into sleeping minds, or to enter someone's dreams to shape them following their own design. In some cases, the villain can influence people or just plain kill them through their dreams, even trapping them awake in dream sequences. There can even be a Dream World in which they can enter, usually to wreak havoc. Most villainous dream masters are linked to nightmares, due to the ancient beliefs that nightmares were caused by evil spirits, and are sometimes living nightmares seeking to invade slumbers, but some cause dreams to turn to the worse possible scenario by their mere presence. (NOTE: Dream Masters exist outside the dreams they enter (or are denizens of a specific Dream World). Villains born from someone's dreams/psyche are either Noncorporeal or Thought-Forms. The three can overlap but are distinct subjects.)
  • Nephelokinetic Villains have the ability to control the visible elements of the weather, such as clouds, and can overlap with Aerokinetic Villains.
  • Omnipotents, or Omnipotent Villains are villains who can control all of the elements at will, even combining them together for more powerful attacks.
  • Omniscients, or Omniscient Villains are villains who can see multiple events happening all at once, although there are obvious limitations to this kind of element, such as emotional stability and clarity, focus, and random games of chance happening at any moment.
  • Petrifiers like the classic Gorgon Medusa are villains who can petrify, encase or otherwise immobilize their victims - whether by turning them to stone, ice, or other substances. (Alternatively, a Petrifier can simply paralyze their victims without turning them to stone, ice, etc., such as when demons prevent victims from moving via a supernatural force.) Petrifiers are a common type of character in fantasy and mythology as well as other media.
  • Pictomancers, or Depictukinetic Villains like Brushogun are evildoers who can shape and manipulate art from just about anything, from ink (Melanokinetic Villains) to paint (Palletakinetic Villains). This can even overlap with Bibliokinetic Villains, as art made from ink and paint are normally put on some sort of paper canvas, which is found in books.
  • Poisoners, or Toxikinetic Villains like Queen Grimhilde are villains that kill or incapacitate via poisoning, this type of murder was (and continues) to be rampant due to it often being seen as a quick and effective way of getting rid of those one dislikes - in the past it was not uncommon for royalty and nobles to employ food testers due to the common practice of poisoning. It was also a common theory in medieval times that evil witches or other discontented individuals would poison village wells and make people sick - a theory that has since entered the imagination and become somewhat of a staple (as well as a tool for parody).
    • Sadly, in the real world many killers and other criminals also utilize poisons, especially those who have managed to work their way into the biological and medical professions - these real-life villains are sometimes referred to as "angels of mercy" and often kill their victims via poisons or drugs found in hospitals or similar institutions. Poison comes in many forms ranging from liquid and capsules to gas (such as mustard gas, which was commonly used in the first and second World Wars). This can also include villains who drug people with the intention of knocking them out or getting them drunk, or do so to themselves for a certain reason such as the effects of enhancements, even selling that drug or another one on the black market for profit; this crosses over into the border of villains who are Addicts or Drug Dealers. For example, Alan Garner accidentally roofies his friends in The Hangover, but then intentionally drugs them again in the sequel, The Hangover II, hoping to incapacitate Teddy, Stu's future brother-in-law, and Jack Byrnes forcibly drugs Greg with truth serum in Meet the Fockers; in the Batman comics, Bane utilizes Venom, an addictive strength-enhancing drug that, if not taken periodically, can lead to physiologically-crippling side-effects.
  • Psammokinetic Villains such as Pitch Black can manipulate sand and pebbles to form constructs; this often overlaps with Geokinetic, Crystallokinetic and Hyalokinetic Villains.
  • Psychics, or Psychic Villains are those who can read, take control of or tamper with others' minds or see events that have happened or are happening; this overlaps with Omniscient, Chronokinetic, Telepathic and Oneirokinetic Villains.
  • Pyrokinetic Villains, or simply Pyrotic Villains like Fire Lord Ozai or Magmion are associated with fire, lava or any similar form of pyrotic energy. This includes villains that have weapons that can produce fire (like Kratos), villains who can produce fire naturally at will (like Hotstreak) or have the ability of pyrokinesis to manipulate and control fire (like Pyro). Traditional fire is associated with evil, due to its destructive nature, and other villains who wield this element can also be Arsonists.
  • Quiekinetic Villains like Mary Shaw are those who can manipulate and control the absence/lack of all sound, bringing nothing but total silence. This type of villain can overlap with Sonokinetic Villains, due to silence technically being sound-related.
  • Quintekinetic Villains/Gamakinetic Villains, or simply called Life-Drainers like Parasite from DC Comics and Unity from Superman: The Animated Series are villains who have the power to not only manipulate and channel life energy, but also to sap the life force or energy from their victims. This can apply to Parasites and Parasitoids, due to both categories also depleting their victim's health in a similar fashion.
  • Radiokinetic Villains, or simply Radioactive Villains like Radioactive Man from Marvel Comics who possess the power to manipulate and cause radioactive decay and other parts of the radiation spectra.
  • Reality-Warpers, Reality-Butchers or Essokinetic Villains are villains that can control reality itself or the sole reality of a single individual, this makes them similiar to Cataclysms in the fact that they are extremely powerful but do not always seek to destroy the universe - almost all reality-warpers in fiction are semi-evil or morally dubious, a side-effect of having such godlike powers. Reality-Warpers come in 2 main forms, the Scarlet Witch-types who can alter probability but cannot do the impossible (examples are Major Disaster, Scarlet Witch and so forth) or the ones who can literally do anything they wish, even if it means rewriting the laws of physics (examples are Mad Jim Jaspers or Mister Mxyzptlk). If they can control an individual person's realities, it makes them overlap with Psychic, Telepathic and Oneirokinetic Villains.
  • Sonokinetic Villains like Klaw are those who specialize in using sound as weapons. Often this type of wrongdoers overlap with Banshees, but not all Sonokinetic Villains use their voices. Some of them use mechanical devices to produce sound, even musical instruments.
  • Spatiokinetic Villains are villains that manipulate and control any (if not all) forms of space encompassing the elements listed above and more. Some cosmic entities are able to use this kind of power (i.e. Thanos has the power of space through the Space Stone of the Infinity Gauntlet).
  • Speedsters such as the Professor Zoom Reverse-Flash are villains who can move at speeds fast enough to produce blurred afterimages that they leave in their wake. This may be done through ergokinesis, chronokinesis, aerokinesis, photokinesis, essokinesis, or other variable means.
  • Technopaths, or Crackers like Nicolai Technus and Royal Pain are evildoers with the power to manipulate technology with their minds and/or take control of it remotely or manually.
  • Telekinetic Villains/Psychokinetic Villains like Carrie White from Stephen King's Carrie and Pierre Donovan (the nephew of Dr. Axel Donovan and later the rival of Dr. Neugog) from Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot are villains that possess the power of telekinesis, the ability to move objects with your mind. At the lowest level they can only move small objects, but at the highest level they could lift entire buildings or structures; and some telekinetics are even able to use telekinesis on a subatomic level.
  • Telepathic Villains, or Mind-Readers like Quan Chi and Kylo Ren are evildoers who are able to communicate with others without using any verbal or body languages. The extent of their power and the number of people they can speak with through this mean is very variable.
  • Umbrakinetic Villains like Sauron are those who have the power to control darkness and shadows; it is actually quite a common type of known villain.
  • Power Bestowal like Hawk Moth are villains who have the ability to give individuals their own powers, also turning them into villains, usually to make them do their evil bidding.
  • In many cases, like those of Bill Cipher and Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, villains can manipulate more than one elemental magics and/or powers.


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