Destruction... Destruction is what makes life worth living! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy! Let's destroy everything!
~ Kefka Palazzo

Destroyers are ultra-violent villains who exist to destroy everything around themselves. They are a type of Cataclysm, but not all Cataclysms are Destroyers and vice versa. Destroyers are single-minded and untiring; they will continually destroy until they are either destroyed or imprisoned; they can not be reasoned with, bribed, or made to retreat. In short, they are a living nightmare.

Destroyers are almost always omnicidal; to them, anything in their path must be utterly obliterated. This makes them different from some other omnicidal villains as they don't seek "un-death" or some strange nihilistic "peace"; they simply kill out of a never-ending rage.

Destroyers may be considered nihilistic as well, since they are so full of rage that they often will not stop until either overpowered or killed. A Destroyer may be so full of battle-lust that they resist damage that would normally wound or even kill a normal person, which only makes them all the more dangerous.

To qualify as a Destroyer, a villain must exhibit the following traits:

  • Untiring (Destroyers rarely ever rest; their rampage is without end, which is often one of the main reasons heroes band together to face them);
  • Unstoppable (Destroyers often exhibit massive amounts of power and resistance; enemies can pummel them repeatedly and often the Destroyer will just keep on coming like a charging bull to a red flag);
  • Unfeeling (Destroyers cannot be moved by pity; they know no fear, and offers of alliances are futile at best; they are unbridled destruction, raw and utterly without mercy).

Destroyers are very often Anarchists, Terrorists and One-Man Army.


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