What the hell have you people been smoking out there?! They're just goddamn trees!
~ Parker Selfridge shortly after the RDA destroyed the Tree of Voices, one of the most sacred trees in Na'vi culture.

Defilers are iconoclasts who stain, vandalize, or destroy a site or area considered "sacred" in a religious, political, cultural, or symbolic way. This type of villain acts to desecrate its target and make it unworthy of its meaning, attacking a very symbol or value through its representation, and is in some ways similar to a sacrilege.

Defilers attack a value that they consider as heretical, sinful, insulting, vituperative, or even responsible of their woes, with the intent of taking it down, thus relating to fanatics, violent anarchists, or even protesters and rioters, but their actions are almost always exceedingly disrespectful and sacrilegious, otherwise downright destructive and cruel.

Some examples would include fanatics who paint racist symbols in religious graveyards or political buildings; people who burn or vandalize churches and temples in religious wars; revolutionaries who burn down flags; and so on and so forth.