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Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and caldron bubble!
~ The Three Witches: Macbeth

Beldams also known as Hags or Crones are evil witches depicted as ugly and sometimes with a moldy colour such as green. They are a common stereotype for wicked, dark magical witches and the female equivalent to Warlocks. Like Warlocks, Beldams are often depicted as more demonic and monstrous than a standard evil Witch, using almost only Dark Magic and drawing powers from demonic forces. Some Beldams have a taste for little children such as Baba Yaga and the Witch from Hansel and Gretel.

Also, almost all Beldams enjoy casual child-abuse - another trait that serves to make them different from witches (who do not always share this especially wicked trait).


  • Inhumane Appearance (usually ugly)
  • Demonic Powers (utilize only black magic)
  • Malicious Nature (take delight in cruelty and mischief)
  • Hateful Towards Children (almost all Beldams prey on children, or at the very least are designed to frighten them - see bogeyman for more information)

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