Listen, if you ever need anybody murdered, please give me a call. I’m very discrete. I have no code of ethics, I will kill anyone, anywhere!
~ Krombopulos Michael to Morty Smith.

These villains are individuals who are paid money to kill either as part of a government, hunting, pest control, or as a contract from a criminal. Another term is Hitmen. Alternatively, an assassin refers to anyone who is involved in the crime of assassination: the attempted murder of those in a position of power.

Most of these villains are amoral and do this only for their superiors; an instance is the T-1000; however, many of them also enjoy the suffering of their victims or the thrill of doing so, and they qualify as Pure Evil if they are totally remorseless and have done many victims (e.g. Anton Chigurh).

For Characters which are also Ninjas, use Ninja instead of Assassin. Do not tag pages with both.