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Did I say I was a f*ckin' hero, you piece of $**t?!
~ James Heller, in response to Gentek scientist Roland taunting him for killing thousands just to get to him.

An Anti-Hero (also spelled Anti Hero) is a character who has a number of flaws that make them different from the traditional heroes of fiction and folklore - Anti-Heroes can be selfish, rude or even criminal in nature but will play the part of a hero under certain conditions: whether it be for money, fame, and glory (such as Wario) or because they don't have a choice. However, they don't have to be selfish, rude, or precisely criminal, they can be polite and nice in nature, due to the part they're not good nor evil, but in between the two alignments.

Types of Anti Heroes that featured in this wiki often, if not always, are in Type 4 and Type 5.

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