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The idea of having nations and governments is as foolish as keeping the human and spirit realms separate. You've had to deal with a moronic president and a tyrannical queen. Don't you think the world would be better off if leaders like them were eliminated?
~ Zaheer
What's so terrible about this? If all the Mortals are eliminated, true beauty will return to all of Existence.
~ Goku Black's "Justice"
Anarchists can come in many forms ranging from the nonviolent "hippie" movement to the piratical antics of extremist groups - this wiki chronicles the exploits of villains who utilize the more extreme and violent forms of anarchy to either bring down their government via violent revolt (especially if the government is stable and relatively unharmful towards its people) or to tear down current beliefs and society in order to either create a new one, leave it in ruins or simply create utter chaos. The motivatons for an anarchist can often be seen as the belief for "true freedom":

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