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~ DJ to Finn.

Characters who are amoral are unable to be truly judged by our concepts of right and wrong, or happen to lack a moral sense, thereby being unconcerned with notions of right and wrong. Some of these villains are known to have Moral Agency issues, but all villains with Moral Agency issues belong in this category.

Almost all abstract and god-like entities fall under this category. On a terrestrial scale, however, an example of an amoral villain would be a mindless machine (that runs on a program), a predatory and carnivorous animal (which is guided by instinct), or an individual who doesn't conform to the traditional archetypes of good or evil (such as Deadpool, who doesn't care what side he's on). Characters like those often fell under Neutral alignments, mostly Chaotic Neutral.

However, note that characters who fall under the Pure Evil category CANNOT qualify. While pure evils may be unconcerned with what is right and wrong, they are aware of what is right and wrong but always chooses to do what is wrong. A Pure Evil villain understands morality as part of their moral agency.


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