There's no such thing as bad. Good and bad are fairy tales. We have evolved to attach an emotional significance to what is nothing more than the survival strategy of the pack animal. We are conditioned to invest divinity in utility. Good isn't really good, evil isn't really wrong, and bottoms aren't really pretty.
~ Eurus Holmes

Characters who are amoral are unable to be truly judged by our concepts of right and wrong, or happen to lack a moral sense, thereby being unconcerned with notions of right and wrong.

Almost all abstract and god-like entities fall under this category. On a terrestrial scale, however, an example of an amoral villain would be a mindless machine (that runs on a program), a predatory and carnivorous animal (which is guided by instinct), or an individual who doesn't conform to the traditional archetypes of good or evil (such as Deadpool, who doesn't care what side he's on). Characters like those often fell under Neutral alignments, mostly True Neutral.

By definition, Purely Evil villains can NEVER qualify, as they are aware of their actions, cause others harm, and take pleasure in it. They even commit these actions for the reason of causing others harm.


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