Catardone III

Catardone III

Catardone III is a major antagonist from the Geronimo Stilton series.


Greedy and conniving, Catardone III is the undisputed leader of the wicked Pirate Cats and the king of his land, Cat Island. He is arrogant and cruel to his subjects, but he loves his daughter Tersilla dearly. That is, unless she displeases him. 


Catardone usually makes his appearances in the Geronimo Stilton comic books. His grand schemes are to alter time periods and get rich, but he's usually thwarted by Geronimo Stilton.

In The Golden Statue Plot, Catardone faces a crisis on Cat Island. There is a blackout, and he plots with his gang to capture the Mouse Island Statue of Liberty, believing it is made of gold. Catardone orders his cat henchmen, including Tersilla and his dimwitted first mate, Bonzo, to come with him on his ship. His younger son and daughter realize that Catardone is going to steal the statue, so they decide to warn Geronimo Stilton. They play pranks on Catardone by stealing the ammo from his cannons. The villain catches them and warns them that if he finds out they're responsible for the mischief, they will get no treats for a year. While Tersilla sneaks off to get the statue so she can get rich, Catardone puts his plan into action. He and his crew begin to tear down the statue, but Geronimo and his family launch fleas at him and his thugs. Terrified, the Pirate Cats run away. Upset that his plan has failed, Catardone bursts into tears and throws a huge fit. As soon as he finds out that Tersilla has run away to take the statue for herself, Catardone, enraged, puts her in charge of cleaning up after the carrier pigeons as punishment. His mother, furious with him for failing to get the cure for the electrical crisis, makes him pedal through the night to power the generator.