Catacombe Encombre is an old witch and Antagonist from the french quebecois Le Jardin Des Petites Citrouilles at la ronde. She want to destroy the day of halloween by making this holiday more frightning with the help of her son Benjamin. But they fail everytime they have the chance to do it. And more years at her shock her son turn at the good side and became friend with the pumpkins and Ribambelle. Now she have to do it alone and tries to do her best to destroying halloween. But she failing again and again she tries to destroy the wedding of Potiron and Courgette but her son save the day.

She disappear for one year and never return. But after she reappear for again get her revenge. When she think she finally win her son sacrifice himself for save baby pumpkin. That failure made her more agressive but she also showing her good side. Her last trick was go suscribe Potiron in a big pumpkin contest. And win the prize an package of golden coins. She wanted to leave but no one stop her. She admit finally she's do not want to destroy halloween anymore and finally accepted this holiday. And be welcomed in the halloween party.

but during halloween of 2014, she do not appear or might be deceased for the this halloween, But Benjamin mentioned she had enganged to a contess called Constance who she promise he will be married in more year. When her husband was deceased and benjamin was again a teenager, she know Benjamin was fear to be forced to be married but tell in her will her son will be married to Constance.

She return in 2016 for halloween, but only for a one time show and be remplaced again by Constance