The cat as he appears in Chess.

The cat is the main antagonist in the Sports Cartoons series. In many of the shorts, he is the opponent of the hippo. He attempts to win by cheating and/or foil the hippo's attempt to win via distraction, only for it to backfire by the hippo, causing the cat's plans for victory to fail. Occasionally, there are multiple versions of the character in shorts that include team sports.


He is a blue cat with small black ears, a large red nose with 3 whiskers on each side of the nose, small white eyes with black pupils, a slim tail, four fingers on each of his hands, and rounded feet without toes. He is usually seen wearing a yellow top with blue pants, though he wears different sports attire depending on the sport in the short.

Big Cat

Big Cat

The Big Cat as he appears in Wrestling.

In a few shorts, there is a larger version of the normal cat called Big Cat. He is larger and more muscular than the normal cat. Unlike his normal counterpart, he opposes the pig more often. Similar to his normal version, his attempts to win a sport backfire and also has multiple versions of himself in a few shorts involving teams.