Black Cat

Cat (Napoleon)

Time to rid my house of the mouse
~ The cat, chasing Napoleon
Must destroy the yellow mouse and little flying mouse!
~ The cat

The Cat (or The Black Cat) is the main antagonist in the 1995 Australian animal film Napoleon. In it, a Golden Retriever puppy journeys into the wild outside Sydney, hoping to become a wild dog. He encounters several animals, befriending many but becoming enemies and prey towards the cat. According to an owl, the Cat fell victim to the wild, becoming a wild cat and thinking every animal she encounters to be a mouse that she must get rid of. She also thinks the whole jungle is her house and that all who are in it are intruders. For a cat, in the film, she snarls and growls like a real wildcat.

When she first saw Napoleon, she saw him as a mouse, disguised as a dog and tries to eat him. She corners him on a tree branch hanging above a pond but the owl who warned Napoleon about her pushes her in the water. She then vowed to kill Napoleon. On his journey, Napoleon met a wombat who survived an attack from the Cat but lost an ear from her.

The Cat found Napoleon again and also tried to eat a flock of birds. She was ready to pounce but Napoleon scared them away and then she vowed to make the puppy suffer before she eats him. Towards the end of the film, Napoleon tries to get back home and befriends a Galapagos penguin named Pengi when the Cat returns and engages in a final battle. Napoleon lures her away from Pengi and tries to get rid of her with the tide which only makes her wet. He then starts a little avalanche which slowed her down and the rocks pushed her toward a ledge where she presumbly fell. Napoleon went to check when she appeared behind him and pushed him off but only a few feet.

She jumped down as well and was furiously anxious to attack. Napoleon tried to negotiate with her but again, she refused to listen and began attacking him. Then Pengi, at the bottom of the cliff, begins to taunt her which distracts her long enough for Napoleon to push her but she survives and lands in the basket that Napoleon arrived in and she hoplessly sails away. She apparently survived as she finally accepts Napoleon to be a dog and climbs over the fence of Napoleon's yard and vows to kill him. It is unknown whether she succeeded or not and if she survived trying to get through Napoleon's mother to get to him.