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Cat's Nine Lives are the main villains of the CatDog episode "Nine Lives". They are nine ghost-like beings resemble Cat, yet most of them don't act like him. When they were released from the 9 bottles they wreak havoc in Nearburg and manages to make Rancid Rabbit and The Greaser Dogs look 10 times foolish than they already are.

Like Cat, they are voiced by Jim Cummings.


When Dog tries to drink a bottle but Cat stops him and told that cats has nine lives so they can extra lives for safekeeping. When Dog spits it out, it causes the nine lives to be free and go into Nearburg to cause harm, like shoplifting in a store, pestering the Greasers by get them stuck into concrete, stealing milk from Mr. Sunshine. At night, they also annoy a female elderly cat by singing "I've been working on the Railroad" on a power line, causing an electric overcharge in which scorched the Earth literally. At the fish market, CatDog capture all of the lives except for the one which places Cat who is sucked in the vacuum.


  • Like other CatDog who never got defeated (As in Eddie the Squirrel and Toothpick Head), one of the Cat Lives (Cat Life #9) did not get defeated in the end of the episode.

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