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Stop, Casper! It's not a game! You must use this special talent properly!
~ Granddad Chameleon, warning Casper using camouflage improperly.

Casper the Chameleon is a character from 64 Zoo Lane. He is a cheeky, obnoxious, and argumentative chameleon who lives in the jungle.

Villainous Roles

Since Casper doesn't have enough seriousness, he likes to use camouflage by changing colors at once until he realizes that he uses it for solving problems. For example, Casper started being a watermelon to Herbert and started avoiding him; Herbert got tired and Casper taunted him. This is one of most notorious tricks to the animals.

Another one of his despicable tricks is when he turns into an egg (which belongs to Audrey). Then, the fake egg begins rolling down the hill, which turns out to be Casper. Audrey is upset with this despicable plan when Casper is being a nuisance. The most notorious trick is when he taunted Toby on a tree trunk. It started when he pretends to be another turtle as this leads the two in danger.

Casper is not always bad, though. Casper is able to use colors wisely for help. The only thing that was done is when a stork named Seamus cannot hear the duo screaming for help. Casper finally learned how to use camouflaging wisely when is the right time after being rescued.


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