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Cashmere is the minor antagonist from the second book of The Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire and one of the two tertiary antagonists of the film. She is a Career tribute and a former victor from District 1, alongside with her twin-brother Gloss.

She was portrayed by Stephanie Leigh Schlund.


As a teenager, Cashmere volunteers for the unspecified Hunger Games. Being a Career Tribute who has obviously been training for her entire life, she manages to win them. Since then, she lives in the Victors' Village and works as a mentor for next tributes, obviously including Marvel and Glimmer. Her twin-brother Gloss also participates in the Hunger Games and wins them.

When the 75th Hunger Games comes and its tributes are chosen from victors of the previous Games, Gloss and Cashmere are reaped again.

During training, Cashmere usually spends time throwing knives with her brother Gloss. They once invite Katniss to practice making hammocks with them, with Katniss describing them as polite and cool. Cashmere also tells her she looked ridiculous in her clothes. During the interview, Gloss says that she can't stop crying when she thinks about how the citizens of the Capitol will suffer due the loss of 23 victors. In the arena, it takes Cashmere a while till she reaches the Cornucopia. When Katniss and the rest of the Rebel Alliance's tributes leave, Cashmere alliances with the other Careers, Brutus, Enobaria and Gloss, to kill the rest of the tributes. She manages to stab Seeder to death in the Cornucopia bloodbath.


Promotional image of Cashmere from Catching Fire

Together, the Careers walk across the arena, looking for the survival tributes. When the Rebel Alliance's tributes return back to the Cornucopia to retrieve more weapons, the Careers attack them immediately. However, before Cashmere can kill someone, Johanna throws her axe at and hits Cashmere in the chest, killing her.

Known victims

  • Seeder - stabbed with a knife (Cornucopia bloodbath)


  • Gloss and Cashmere are likely in their 20s as they won the Games when Katniss was a child. It means they are ones of the youngest tributes in the 75th Hunger Games.
  • Gloss and Cashmere are only known siblings who have won the Hunger Games.

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