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I am IN TOO DEEP, Jack!!
~ Cash's last words.

Cash Bailey is the main antagonist in the 1987 live action film, Extreme Prejudice.

He was portrayed by the late Powers Boothe, who also played Joshua Foss, Curly Bill Brocius, and Senator Roark.


Cash Bailey was the former childhood friend of Texas Ranger Jack Denteen and also worked as a police informer until he crossed the border to Mexico and became head of a drug trafficking operation. When he smuggles drugs into the USA, he runs into his former friend and attempts to bribe him into looking the other way, when Denteen refuses, Bailey warns Denteen to look the other way or die.

Later on Bailey set up Denteen and his partner Pearson at a gas station into a shootout with his men that would lead to the death of the latter.

Later on, Bailey goes back to Mexico with Denteen's girlfriend, Sarita, after an argument with Denteen and happened to be Bailey's former lover. Denteen goes there to confront them with an army squad led by Major Paul Hackett, who was secretly one of Bailey's men and planned to have Denteen killed. After a big shootout that led to the death of Hackett and his men, Denteen gets into an old western-style showdown with his former friend, and after refusing to surrender, Denteen shoots Bailey to death. Afterwards, Denteen lets one of Bailey's right-hand men take over the drug business as Benteen and Sarita walk away.