Casbah Rabbit
Casbah Rabbit is a big, brown rabbit that appears in Hare Splitter as the antagonist. He and Bugs Bunny are fighting over Daisy's affections.

Role in the cartoon

Casbah wants to win Daisy's affections with flowers or other candies he wants. Bugs hits him with a heavy object to stop him from getting the presents of Daisy.

Bugs later dresses up as Daisy to trick Casbah with a kiss. Casbah later tried to take off Bugs's female clothes, but Bugs give the exploding carrot to Casbah, causing it to have his teeth fall apart.

Bugs later dressed as Cupid to trick Casbah with Bow and Arrow. He succeeded to shoot him that hurts him.

Daisy later kicks Casbah out of her house to fall in love with Bugs.

Casbah was never seen again, since he was banned from Daisy's house for attempting to hurt her with ooze.

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