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The Carvina Corporation is an antagonistic organization from the book Armageddon Force by Adam Gratteau. They are lead by Dr. Edgar Malbarn.


The Carvina Corporation is shrouded in mystery. What is known is that it was founded and led by Dr. Malbarn, a man set on causing widespread pain throughout the world. To do this, wounded soldiers are pulled from the battlefield and used as test subjects for robotic prosthetics and brainwashing. Doctors use mechanical modifications and implants on victims, usually with only weak anesthetics. They then proceed to brainwash victims into killers and weapons.

Recruits are usually comprised of volunteers, people who willingly join out of sadism, curiosity, or the promise of technological advancement. Officers are sent out to pick up potential recruits within public and private areas.

Guards are military trained, and, if necessary, and converge and make up a small army for offensive and defensive acts.