Carson Welch is the hidden main antagonist in Aloha

He is portrayed by Bill Murray.


Welch runs a successful defense contracting company. He sends his employee Brian Gilcrest to build an air force base and a new satellite from the sky that the Air Force paid him a lot of money for. The air force sends their right hand woman Captain Allison Ng to assist Brian on this project in Hawaii. They both found out this satellite weapon that could aim a laser beam on a charted Hawaiian island. When this weapon is successful, Welch can make a fortune and get people well prepared for the future of defense. He is willing to kill innocent people from that Hawaiian island to make a few bucks on the satellite and prepare ourselves in defense. Brian and Allison figure out what he was up to and destroy the satellite before it was targeting the island. Welch was in Japan and got arrested by the Feds. Brian and Allison can keep their jobs. 


  • This was Bill Murray's first villain role.
  • Welch is a hidden villain because he seemed like a pretty nice guy before his plans were revealed.