The Carrionites from the series Doctor Who are witches from the planet of Rexel 4 in the Rexel System. There were only 3 Carrionites until they released the others. They were called Mother Doomfinger who could Kill People just by touching them, Mother Bloodtide who could fly and the Youngest Lilith who disguised herself as different People. She also killed them by using a Voodoo Doll with a Sample of Hair.


At "the dawn of the Universe", Carrionites evolved in their 14-planet star system and developed their 'word-based science' (common people would call them witchcraft). Eventually, the Carrionites got into a war with the Hervoken. This war threatened the structure of the universe, so the Eternals stepped in and banished both races to the Deep Darkness.

Ancient Time Lords were aware of the Carrionites, and shunned them. In fact, Lady Scintilla was imprisoned in Shada for "conspiring with Carrionites".

Several million years later, in the late 16th century, a group of three Carrionites Bloodtide, Doomfinger and Lilith, escaped using words of power from the plays of William Shakespeare, partly the result of the writer's grief at the death of his son. They influenced the design of the 14-sided Globe Theatre, based on the planets of their star system, and, in 1599, planned to use his new play, Love's Labour's Won, to free the rest of their race from the Darkness and take over Earth, removing humanity from it as a pestilence, to establish the "Millennium of Blood".

The last few lines of the play were written by Shakespeare in a trance as a spell said by one of the cast to open a portal from the Deep Darkness to this universe. However, the portal was closed and the race of witches and all copies of Love's Labours Won vanished into the Darkness, thanks to the help of the Tenth Doctor. He told Shakespeare that he was "the wordsmith" and could create the new words of power to send them back into the Darkness, and Martha Jones, who provided the last word - "Expelliarmus" - from the Harry Potter series of novels. The escaped Carrionites were trapped within a crystal ball. The Doctor kept the crystal ball in his TARDIS.