The Carrion Crows are a common type of beast found in Bloodborne.


Carrion Crows appear very similar to common crows, but are noticably larger. Their eyes glow white like most beasts, their feathers ratty and unkept and their beaks are dripping with torn flesh from their victims.

In the Nightmare of Mensis, the carrion crows have the heads of rabid dogs.


As animals infected by the scourge, they are violent to all they come across. They are attracted to the smell of blood, so much so that when the player sees them, they will use their wings to drag their bodies - bloated and heavy from their gluttony - and attack them.

Powers and Abilities

Due to the scourge, the Carrion Crows are larger than regular crows. When close to the player, they will jump and violently maul the player.


Due to the ancient blood used by the Healing Church, the population of Yharnam fall under what is known as the Scourge, a plague sweeping across the population where their thirst for blood drives them mad, turning them into literal beasts. Due to the spread of death across Yharnam among beasts and men, the scavenger crows would feast on the dead-bodies, becoming infected by the scourge.