Carrion is one of several prominent villains who appeared in the online parody-comic known as Supermegatopia (SMT for short) as well as related media such as Crushed and Weasel Boy, all of which were created by the Brothers Grin - although the comic has since drifted into limbo the characters have a strong fan-base and several of the Weasel Boy comics have been recovered on wikispace.

As for Carrion himself, he is a comedic villain like many of the antagonists in the series but is nothing if not determined - an undead necromancer from "parts unknown" he seeks to destroy Supermegatopia and kill all of its inhabitants so as to raise an army of undead, his skills in the use of necromancy were seen when he animated an exhibit of dinosaur fossils once in an attempt to cause havoc but was stopped by Weasel Boy (a parody of Robin) and Mongoose Guy.

In at least one alternate future Carrion is depicted as much, much nastier individual but this should be treated as a different character, considering that the alternate Carrion was not only far more powerful than the mainstream one but also competent.