Carole Cat Woman

Carole Lefevre is an antagonist from Big Wolf on Campus, appearing in Season One's "Cat Woman."

She was portrayed by Jessica Welch, who later appeared in the two-part series finale as the evil Sloane Taylor.


Carole is an exchange student from France, with the ability to morph into a cat woman or an actual cat. She first appeared in the opening scene and snuck past Hugo by shifting into her cat form. Carole introduced herself during Tommy and Merton's biology class, and became Tommy's lab partner. She quickly became attracted to Tommy, and the feeling appeared to be mutual, until he became jealous over seeing Stacey Hanson with someone else. At the same time, Carole noticed Tommy eyeing Stacey and expressed her own jealousy when her green cat-like eyes were flashing. Carole appeared in her cat woman form in front of Tommy, who was in his werewolf form, but at that time, neither one knew the other's true identity.

The next day, Tommy and Carole meet again, with Carole apologizing over the previous night. Tommy stated that he thought that he was over Stacey, but he really wasn't, which led to Carole confronting Stacey and fighting with her. During the encounter, Carole again transformed into her cat woman form and pounced on Stacey, only to be saved by Tommy. Carole learns about Tommy being a werewolf when Merton cheers him on, and it's at that moment that both of them de-morph. Carole stated that she now realizes why she and Tommy couldn't be together, and she was extremely remorseful over her jealousy of Stacey. Carole left Pleasantville and moved to New York, where (according to a letter she wrote to Tommy) she is part of the famous Broadway play, Cats.