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The Carnotaurus is a villain in Dinosaur Watership. It is a ruthless, aggressive, carnivorous, and bloodthirsty predator that was out to kill the herd of dinosaurs.


Carnotaurus was first seen in part 7 of the movie. He was chasing the dinosaurs to try snatch 1 from the herd.

3 parts later the predator was seen again. The herd then battled the Carnotaurus and Cryolophosaurus. The Cryolophosaurus was thrown into the new valley and turned good again, while the Carnotaurus grabbed Iguandon and carried him to a cliff right toward the valley with Noasaurus on his trail. The 2 dinosaur battled until Noasaurus jumped onto the predator's side pushing the Canotaurus and himself off the cliff. Thankfully it was only the predator that died.

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