Carmilla Lords of Shadow 2


You'll regret rejecting me, Gabriel!
~ Carmilla

Carmilla is a major villain in Catlevania: Lords of Shadow and a minor villain in Lords of Shadow 2. She is the former Queen of Vampires, the adopted mother of Laura and the second Lord of Shadow to be fought by Gabriel Belmont. She develops an obsession with Gabriel and upon first seeing him attempts to win him over to her side. However, he sees right through this and refuses. When she discovers that he's collecting the pieces of the God Mask to bring back his wife, she is enraged and attacks him. Gabriel defeats her and obtains the second piece of the God Mask.

She was voiced by Sally Knyvette.


As a human, Carmilla was a woman who loved life and could not stand to see vile experiments on the living like those that Frankenstein conducted, vowing to bring him to justice. She was also most likely religiously devoted to God as she spent her entire life fighting evil in his name with Cornell and Zobek.

As a vampire, most of her personality was twisted. She cares little for life as she killed most of the inhabitants of Bernhard castle, with the exception of Frankenstein. She is intelligent, manipulative, seductive and deceptive as she tricked Gabriel into drinking her blood and nearly tricked him a second time.

Despite this, she seems to still possess some humanity after turning into a vampire, as she tortured Frankenstein for centuries for his inhumane crimes, fulfilling the oath she made as a human to make sure he paid for his crimes. She also acts as a mother to Laura, suggesting she still has motherly instincts, despite that she had taken Laura from her real mother.

Carmilla also seems to be a seductress. She attempts to seduce Gabriel when he confronts her for the first time, and does so again nearly a thousand years later. While it is not proven, there are subtle hints that she may have had a romantic interest in Gabriel. She attempts to seduce him the first time they meet and offers for him to stay with her for eternity, saying that she can show him "many pleasures". Throughout their first fight, she also refers to him frequently as "my Gabriel". She also was visibly frustrated when she realized he was collecting the pieces of the God Mask to bring back Marie. During her second encounter with Gabriel, she kisses him on the lips, and claims "I am yours now". She is angered further when Gabriel drinks Marie's blood a second time, and right before Carmilla is killed, she tries to kill Marie, probably out of spite since she couldn't have Gabriel. She seems to have wanted to keep Gabriel, as she was using her blood to make him loyal to her and her alone, showing a very dangerous obsession and abusive side.

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