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Carmen Winstead

A common "depiction" of the ghostly urban legend named Carmen Winstead.

Carmen Winstead is the titular main antagonist of an urban legend known as "They Pushed Her" or simply "Carmen Winstead" which also gained infamy as a chain-letter. Like most chain-letter "curses" there is no evidence at all that Carmen Winstead ever existed but many young people like to use her or a similar figure as a kind of modern day bogeyman.


Carmen Winstead moved to a new high school in Indiana after her father lost his job and had to find employment by moving to another state. At her new high school, she had a hard time making friends but eventually befriended a group of five girls. However, the girls turned against her and began to spread vile rumours about her and often played malicious pranks on her.

Eventually, Carmen had enough of the bullying and planned to tell her teacher about it but it was too late for her to save her own life. During the afternoon, the school had a fire drill and everyone lined up outside. The group of girls planned to embarrass her in front of the school by opening a manhole and pushing her inside. Once they had shoved the poor girl into the manhole, they and eventually the rest of the student body began to laugh at the incident.

When the teachers discovered the horrible truth, everyone stopped laughing. Carmen was found horribly disfigured inside the manhole after falling to her death and they later called the police and interviewed everyone, including the group of girls who pushed her inside. After the police hauled Carmen's body out of the sewer, the girls told them that Carmen accidentally fell inside the manhole and they believed them and ruled the case as an accident.

However Carmen's vengeful spirit remained on Earth and two months after the incident, she accessed MySpace and other various social media websites and there was a chain mail titled They Pushed Her being sent around to various users that Carmen was actually murdered when she died in the manhole and it also warned that guilty people should be responsible for their actions. Some dismissed it as a hoax while others believed it.

Meanwhile, the girls who pushed Carmen into the manhole began to hear giggling noises in the shower drain and they became frightened and locked themselves in their bedrooms. At night, loud screams were heard and their parents called the police to investigate the source of the screams. The police found each of the girls' mutilated bodies inside either various manholes or the same one.

However, the killing spree did not stop there. More and more of Carmen's classmates were killed and found in manholes and the majority of Carmen's victims didn't believe that she was deliberately pushed inside the manhole. Carmen's vengeful spirit is currently not at rest as she is killing more people who didn't believe in her story.

Popular belief is that Carmen will manifest from a drain, toilet or shower and proceeded to drag a victim away in the night - taking them to the sewer where they will awaken to her cackling laughter before she tears their face off and snaps their necks.

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