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Full Name
Carmen Isabella Sandiego
Where in The World is Carmen Sandiego?
Former ACME agent, head of VILE
Powers / Skills
Criminal mind, Intelligence
Committing unusual crimes throughout the world and history
Challenge ACME agents
Type of Villain

Carmen Isabella Sandiego is the titular antagonist from the Where in the World is Carmem Sandiego series of games, as well as their cartoon and live-action adaptations. She is the world's top wanted criminal, head of the criminal organization V.I.L.E., dedicated to commit the most impossible and/or inexplicable crimes. To her, committing crimes is just a game, a game which she plays very well.


Little or nothing is known about Carmen's past. She was an ace detective for the ACME Detective Agency who found catching criminals too easy and decided that outsmarting ACME itself would make for greater challenges. Then, she left ACME and founded the criminal organization V.I.L.E. (Villainous International League of Evil), recruiting the world's most wicked criminals to work for her. VILE seeks to commit the most unimaginable and impossible crimes.

Carmen steals only for the challenge of it, although some of her VILE minions seem to be more traditionally motivated. She often describes her schemes and the protagonists attempts to stop them as being a game, which they ironically are, regularly gloating that she is impossible to capture or that her plans are infallible and acting as though any efforts made against her are extremely trivial. Sometimes, she asserts that it is impossible for anyone to understand her or her motives and seems to revel at how difficult she can make it for anyone trying to figure her out.


Carmen is a very mysterious and elusive yet very beautiful villain. She doesn't seek trivial things like money or power, doing everything just for fun.


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