(She-Hulk: Ceremony#1 (fb, BTS))- Carlton Beatrice was once a young opportunistic businessman who tried to purchase land from the Keewazi Indian Reservation in Oklahoma. Unable to budge Chief William Wingfoot into the sale, he just happened to glance upon Wingfoot's wife, Roberta, and her sister, Miriam, in a religious and mystical ceremony. He studied the arts to perfect and practice them as well as they could and even applied another obscure mystical art of stealing souls in his mastery of mysticism. Totally lacking in beneficent energy, that which Miriam called "female energies," he clashed with Miriam and killed her for her psychic energies. Fleeing the reservation, he headed to New York where he used what power he had in the mystic arts to build his own company.

(She-Hulk: Ceremony#1-2)- Beatrice soon learned he needed a mystical basket that the Keewazi possessed to expand his power, but Roberta had sent it as a gift to her son Wyatt's then fianc'e, Jennifer Walters, the She Hulk. He had the Indian spirit Anung-Ite sent to procure the basket, but then he soon learned it could not be taken by force. It had to be given to him willingly.

Beatrice eventually ransomed Wyatt's soul for possession of the basket in order to possess it. He used its power to force the Keewazi Indians to see their land for its mineral rights and then started stealing power from all the souls on Earth. Jennifer and Wyatt attacked in on the astral plane by merging their psychic energies as one and breaking Carlton's hold on his power. With the basket's energy redirected through them, they were able to restore the souls Beatrice had stolen his power on them. His body destroyed in the process, his soul took the form of a harmless butterfly as it departed.